GRADES: 2 – 12

“ENGAGE!” is designed to use theatre as a tool to explore and engage socially conscious topics and spark individual action. In-class activities will use data, facts, and scenarios on the chosen topic to create action-based activities that guide students in understanding how to find support, take action, and make informed choices. Subjects can range from healthy relationships; substance misuse; diversity, equity, and inclusion; civic engagement, or more. The peer-to-peer model will work directly with one class of students in the collaborative art-making process and reach an entire school with a performance, using arts as a catalyst for positive dialogue!


All Vault Theatre residencies Are delivered in three tiers (choose 1):

  1. Enrichment Workshops: 1 to 4 sessions
    This tier is designed for introduction workshops to specific subject matter using theatre as a tool to engage in dialogue.
  2. Exploration Residency: 5-9 sessions
    Designed for in-depth exploration of subject in-class without ending in a performance.
  3. Performance Residency: 10 or more sessions
    This tier puts students at the heart of the process to learn from each other through a collaborative project ending in a performance.
Max Participants: 30 per session