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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Laurece West

Laurece is a voice and performance coach for Professional Singing and Career Invigorating Speaking™. She solves voice, speaking, and communication challenges. Laurece’s clients and students gain the skills, confidence and support to achieve their goals. Laurece helps people clearly find and know their inner voice and wisdom, and communicate from that place.

As a comedy and interplay improv actor, Laurece performed with Off the Deep End Ensemble and The Pit Comedy Improv Company. She co-directed Impromptu Players, serving Ronald McDonald Houses, UNC Psych Wards, and Senior Centers. Laurece and Cholena Erikson are in the comedy improv duo “Lo and Cho”.

Laurece loves being a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and performer.



Workshop or Residency - (Live or Virtual Option) Acting: Comedy And InterPlay Improv

GRADES: Kindergarten – 12

Learning improv allows us to have great fun while creating performances on the spot. Comedy improv has a long history on streets, theaters, and TV shows. Students will warm up with games and follow a set of rules or understandings about how the scene works. Each person makes up a character and acts as that person. InterPlay improv was created in 1989 and allows performers to create scenes from their own wisdom and life experiences. We will find our creativity individually and together! Surprising and magical things happen , as what is made up in the moment is so powerful that the audience thinks it was rehearsed. Moving stories are told, both heartfelt and naturally funny.

Max Participants: 30

Workshop: 60-90 minutes

Residency: Minimum 5 sessions; 60-90 minutes per session; artist can teach up to 4 classes per day

Special Requirements: Stage or large space to move and practice, could be classroom with desks at perimeter


  • Workshop Fee: $250 per hour plus $12 for materials per workshop
  • Residency Fee: $235 per session per class

Performance - (Live or Virtual Option) Jazz Singing: The Swing And The Style

GRADES: Kindergarten – 12

Brilliant innovations and unique personalities created jazz singing. Learn about the stars and their songs, how to sing with ease to create a good tone, and the elements of jazz singing. Notice how the singer and musicians interact and take solos to enhance the music. Students will sing, explore jazz rhythms, and leave with tools for how to play with their voice to create new songs like the jazz greats.

Max Participants: none

Duration: 50, 60, or 75 minutes

Special Requirements: Microphone and PA system; Lavalier wireless microphone if available; Connection to play music from computer through PA; Video screen to show pictures and HDMI cable to connect computer to screen; Internet connection and access to electrical outlets; access to the performance space at least 1 hour prior to performance for load in, set up, and sound check.


  • Single Performance Fee: $1,250 
  • 2 Same-Day Performances Fee: $2,187.50

Workshop Speak with Ease and Confidence 

GRADES: Kindergarten – 12

Program Description: Students often feel uncomfortable speaking in front of others, in class, making presentations and expressing their thoughts and feelings. This workshop creates more ease for students nervous speaking under pressure, through solid skills and innovative methods to free word flow, express and release stress, build self-esteem and confidence, and develop powerful body language. It gives them tools to practice speaking intelligently and authentically. These are essential skills for college and job bound students with upcoming interviews.

Max Participants: 30

Duration: 60-90 Minuntes

Special Requirements: Large open space for movement and distance between pairs of speakers. Could be a classroom with chairs moved to the side.

Fees: $187.50 per hour plus $12 for materials per workshop

Residency Powerful Presentations

GRADES: Kindergarten- 12

Program Description: Students will work on developing the skills to give a great presentation in front of the class. Each will choose a subject of their choice for giving a 5-minute talk. We’ll work on their speaking voice, eliminating filler words, easing nervousness, dynamic body language delivering a clear message, and connecting with and engaging their audience. Students will share something they feel passionate about, receiving cheering support and experience the joy of entertaining their audience.

Max Participants: 30

Duration: 60-90 Minutes

Special Requirements: Stage or large space to move and practice; could be a large classroom with desks at the perimeter


Fees: $235 per hour per class


Workshop  Ace Your Interviews! 

GRADES: 8 – 12

Program Description: For college or job bound students, this workshop is introductory preparation for the rigors of competing for coveted positions. It gives an interactive survey of essential communication skills, powerful body language, exercises to free word flow, techniques to maximize confidence, negotiation skills, the mindset of success and how to clarify unique strengths to stand out and shine in interviews. Audio recording on phones is encouraged for later practice. Bring some ease and joy to this wonderful life passage.

Max Participants: 30

Duration: 60-90 Minutes

Special Requirements: Open classroom with tables and chairs

Fees: $187.50 per hour plus $12 for materials per workshop


All Programs Can Occur Live or Virtually


Students are able to learn and integrate these skills effectively online. Ms. West teaches and demonstrates a skill, then has students practice, then gives more information, students apply it, and so on. They work together as a whole and in small groups in Zoom “breakout rooms,” that Laurece can enter to help students individually. Active participation in these workshops makes it more fun, students pay attention and it allows them to integrate the skills thoroughly.