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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Larry Bellorín was born in Punta de Mata in the state of Monagas, Venezuela. He is a singer, professional musician, and former president of the musical foundation “Casa Vieja” where he taught string instruments and singing techniques to children, youth and adults in his community and surroundings. Facing political persecution in his home country, he migrated to Raleigh in 2016, putting on hold an illustrious musical career to provide comfort and safety for his family. His greatest wish is that the music of his country be respected, loved and known.

Joe Troop is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter hailing originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He returned to North Carolina after a decade in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he started a school teaching bluegrass and old time – out of which he formed a band with his most talented students: Che Apalache. The band captured the hearts of luminaries like Tim O’Brien, Charlie Hunter, Abigail Washburn, and Belá Fleck, who produced the group’s second album. With a nomination for Best Folk Album, the group went all the way to the GRAMMYs in 2020 but quickly thereafter disbanded in the wake of COVID.

In December 2021, Joe and Larry met at The Fruit in Durham during Joe’s month-long residency. Their meeting was like a soul recognition, long-lost brothers from different countries and cultures. These two men were destined to play music together.


Larry Bellorín and Joe Troop

Performance  Larry & Joe 

GRADES:  K-12, Adults 

DESCRIPTION: Legendary Llanero musician and teacher Larry Bellorín & GRAMMY nominated multi-instrumentalist Joe Troop play a fusion of Venezuelan and Appalachian music for live audiences in English and Spanish. Students may feel moved to dance, and we sure hope they do.

Max Participants:  N/A

Duration: 45-60 Minutes

Special Requirements: The artists play acoustic music and thus prefer to play in intimate spaces and don’t need electricity. In larger venues or outdoors, they need electricity for amplification. They appreciate use of a house sound system indoors for audiences of more than 50 people, accompanied with an in-house sound technician. The group prefers performing on a stage, but can perform in most spaces. In cases when an in-house sound system and sound technician are not available, the group may add an additional fee to hire their own sound company to provide both a tech and PA system.

Single Performance Fee: $1,125.00 (+ $250-$300 fee for sound tech/PA System when necessary)

Residency Arpas de Cartón (Cardboard Harps)

 GRADES: 6-12

DESCRIPTION: In this hands on week-long residency, students work in teams to design, paint, prep, assemble, and play harps under the direction of legendary Venezuelan harpist and teacher Larry Bellorín with translation from GRAMMY-nominated musician Joe Troop. With workshop instructions delivered in Spanish and translated to English, and with a performance featuring instruments from both Venezuelan and Appalachian traditions, this unique cross-cultural program encourages students to form friendships and partnerships beyond borders. Somos más fuertes juntos! Together we are stronger. Upon conclusion of the program, schools keep their harps.

 Max Participants: 26 

 Duration: 3 days minimum and 5 days maximum. 

Special Requirements: The artists need tables and chairs for the students (1 table per four students) and acrylic paint/brushes/art supplies for decorating the harp bodies. We bring all other supplies. Electricity is not required for either the workshop or performance. We prep offsite after hours.

Fee: Five day Residency fee is $3,750.00