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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Chris Vitiello is a Durham-based writer, teacher, performer, and poet. His most recent books are Irresponsibility and Obedience (both Ahsahta Press). As the Poetry Fox, he writes custom poems on demand on vintage typewriters at over 150 events a year. As a teacher, he has led poetry workshops in public/private K-12 schools, corporate settings, prisons, shelters, and libraries. After winning a 2017 ArtPrize Pitch Night, he took his performance installation The Language Is Asleep to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and has reprised the immersive work for Duke University’s StoryCon, Raleigh’s Block Gallery, and the Greensboro Project Space. His recent Writing Cabinet project—crossing the confessional with the fortune telling cabinet—consists of a giant armoire that returns responses to your worries, memories, fears, hopes, and more. He also writes for newspapers and magazines about art and performance, and won the 2017 Rabkin Prize for Visual Arts Journalism.


Poetry Fox

Residency Un-Boring Your Writing 

GRADES: 6-8,9-12, Adult

DESCRIPTION: In this fast-paced writing workshop, we mine our memories for material and learn how to expand upon it to bring rich details to the page. Students will write list poems, riff on charged objects, and explore wild poetic forms—all designed to unlock creative doors to loose their personal expression.

Max Participants: 25

Duration: 1 Day Minimum (5 Days Maximum) 

Special Requirements: Classroom with individual tables, paper/notebooks, and a projector 

Fee: $250 for each class 

Workshop Write With The Poetry Fox 

 GRADES: 6-8,9-12, Adult

DESCRIPTION: Chris Vitiello writes custom poems spontaneously—the instant someone gives Chris a single word as a prompt, he chooses an idea and write the poem immediately. In this masterclass, Chris will describe and demonstrate his process and walk students through it so they can produce spontaneous, topical poems.

 Max Participants: 15 

 Duration: 50-90 minutes

Special Requirements:  Classroom with individual tables, paper/notebooks, and a projector

Fee per Workshop: $437.50