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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Hailed as “The Keeper of Flamenco” by Dance Magazine and honored by the King and Government of Spain with La Cruz de la Orden al Mérito Civil for “all the years of passion, excellence and dedication to the flamenco art,” Carlota Santana is an internationally-renowned flamenco artist and educator. Ms. Santana created the company’s innovative arts-in-education program, integrating Spanish dance and culture with academic curricula, and is on the faculty of Duke University.


Performance Fiesta Flamenca Lecture Demonstration

GRADES: Pre-K – 12

Get ready to dance and learn with professional dancers, singers, and  guitarist as students learn the history of the traditional Spanish dance Flamenco. This performance is a combination of demonstration and explanation of Flameco’s history and what it takes to work as a team while dancing. Toes will be tapping and hands will be clapping during this exciting performance! 

Max Participants: 450

Duration: 50 minutes

Special Requirements: 3 microphones on stands 4 arm-less chairs, wood or wood type floor, clean clear performing area.

Single Performance Fee: $1,500
Two Performances Fee: $1,875

Workshop Olé We Go!

GRADES: Pre-K – 12

Bilateral coordination accounts for the highest impact on academic performance. This workshop addresses Pre-K – 3rd grade students and students with special needs who have a difficult time crossing midline, or who experience visual spatial issues. Deficits in bilateral coordination, may cause a child to appear to be clumsy or drop items, use primarily one hand in activities, or switch hands during tasks that require a dominant hand and a helper hand.

Max Participants: 30 per workshop

Duration: 45 minutes.

Special Requirements: clean clear space for students to move/wood or wood type floor

Workshops for 2 simultaneous classes: $875
Workshops for 4 simultaneous classes: $1,375