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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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BUMP: The Triangle

BUMP’s innovative approach to music education fosters excellence and agency in youth by offering arts programming and African-diasporic cultural enrichment activities and experiences to build artistic proficiency, cultural knowledge, heritage connections, and resilience. Our programs offer African diasporic culture bearers who intentionally resource their cultural practices, heritage, and Afrocentric pedagogies. Our enrichment artist and youth create bonds and co-create for exposure, expansion, and survival of African diasporic heritage arts. We are removing barriers and creating pathways that allow youth to willfully engage in sustained musical instruction and utilize creative autonomy as a liberatory practice for social-emotional wellness and joy.


Residency BUMP: Raising Voices Choral Project

GRADES: 3-12, adults

BUMP’s Raising Voices Choral Project explores themes of liberation from around the globe and promote positive messages of hope, freedom, justice, and unity. CUMP will host up to eight rehearsals featuring the music and cultural practices of the African Diaspora with young singers and adults. Singers strengthen their vocal abilities and skills while growing their knowledge of African Diaspora vocal repertoire and cultural practices. Youth participants may perform what they have learned for school performances and will also be invited to perform the songs they have learned in a  community-wide performance featuring BUMP’s Raising Voices Community Youth Choir.

Music and activities can be selected to compliment curricular themes as requested.

Max Participants: 40

Duration: 2-8 days, 45-60 minutes per day

Special Requirements: 1 table for equipment, access to electrical outlets, a projector, and plenty of space for movement.

Fee: $250 per day for 2 classes per day; minimum 2 days per residency. Program fees vary by length of residency/project. Please contact CAPS office for more details.

Workshop African American Spirituals: Ring Shouts and Sorrow Songs

 GRADES: 6 – 12, adults

Explore what defines an African American spiritual in an interactive workshop that uses spiritual lyrics, melodies, and movement to bring participants closer to the authentic voices that created them. Participants will sing spirituals and tackle courageous conversations about race and America’s tragic history of the enslavement of African and African-descendant people.

 Max Participants: 25 

 Duration: 45-90 minutes

Special Requirements: 1 table for equipment, access to electrical outlets, a projector, and plenty of space for movement

Fee per Workshop: $156.25 plus $25 material fee