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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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The African American Dance Ensemble is a performing Arts Company with over 34 continuous years in the Performing and Touring Arts. We offer high energy performances that are educational based and artistically exciting for grades K-12, Colleges and Universities. Our Mission is to teach, perform and preserve traditional African Dance and Music, while promoting Cultural acceptance and unity and fostering a Healthy mind and body. Our Motto is: Peace, Love Respect, for Everybody! ARTS-CURRICULUM INTEGRATION: (DANCE) (SOCIAL STUDIES) (HISTORY) (CULTURAL)

Performance Free To Be

A Celebration of Culture. Our standard Lecture Demonstration, (Lec-Dem). Based on Cultural Acceptance, wherein we will explore and celebrate our differences, appreciating our individuality to promote equity and transforming lives through dance and music.

Max Participants: 400

Duration: 45 Minutes

Special Requirements: 35×40 Stage, 1 Microphone, and 3 Chairs

Single Performance Fee- $2,375.00
Two Performances Fee-$3,375.00

Workshop Beat Street

A demonstration and performance that is Drum and Musical Based. It will teach the rudiments of drumming and Dance in the African Community. Exploring the many sides to percussion influenced dance and role in history. Fee includes one-day of workshops.

Max Participants: 25

Duration: 60 Minutes

Special Requirements:
Gym or Outdoor

Fee: $1,062.50 for full day of workshops (3 classes).