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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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The African American Dance Ensemble’s mission is to preserve and share the finest traditions of African and African American dance and music through research, education, and entertainment; to foster cultural acceptance and promote diversity for the benefit of all people; to promote good physical, mental, and spiritual health through African and African American dance. ARTS-CURRICULUM INTEGRATION: (DANCE) (SOCIAL STUDIES) (HISTORY) (CULTURAL)

Performance (Lecture/Demonstration) Continuing the Legacy

Join AADE in a celebration of culture! This lecture/demonstration is based on cultural acceptance, wherein we will explore and celebrate our differences, appreciating our individuality to promote equity and transforming lives through dance and music.

Max Participants: No limit

Duration: 45 minutes

Special Requirements: 40 ft ×40 ft Stage (no concrete), 1 Microphone, and 3 Chairs. If outside, the grass must be clean.

Single Performance Fee:  $2,375
Two Same-Day Performances: $3,375
Three Same-Day Performances: $4,375

Performance, Workshop, or Residency Breaking the Chains: Acceptance and Growth

The griot sets the stage for overcoming things that are faced in life and how to break the mental chains through dance and movement. This workshop will guide students to understand that they can overcome life’s adversities and face the next day stronger. In addition to perseverance, students will learn the importance of respecting cultures and differences in others. 

This program can be presented as a performance for large groups or in a small group/class setting for a lecture and demonstration-style one-time workshop or multi-session residency.

Max Participants: No limit for performances; 45 participants per workshop

Performance Duration: 30-45 minutes
Workshop/Residency Duration: 45-60 minutes per session

Special Requirements: 
Performance: 40 ft ×40 ft Stage (no concrete), 1 Microphone, and 3 Chairs. If outside, the grass must be clean.
Workshop/Residency: 3 chairs, space large enough for participants and instructors to dance

Single Performance Fee:  $2,375
Multiple Same-Day Performances: $3,375 for 2; $4,375 for 3

Single Workshop Fee: $1,187.50 
Multiple Same-Day Workshops: $1,562.50 for 2; $4,125 for full day of classes (up to 4)

Residency Fees (up to 4 classes per day):

  • 2-Day Residency: $6,250
  • 3-Day Residency: $6,875
  • 4-Day Residency: $7,500