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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, Founder, Director, and Choreographer, is Colombian, born in Bogotá. After moving to the Unites States in 2004 and having danced since she was 7 years old, Pilar wanted to keep in touch with her roots. She also wanted to expose her 4 year old daughter to her culture in a very meaningful way, just like her 16 year old self had been while living in Colombia. She took her experience in dance and turned it into a teaching role. As a teacher, her goals are to help Hispanic Americans connect to their roots through dance and to share our culture with others. Pilar and her daughter had the first opportunity to dance for the Hispanic Heritage Month, two weeks after they arrived in Durham. From that moment, they started the dancing group that passed through different alliances and names. On December 2014, Takiri Folclor Latino solidified and took shape as a Latino family sharing values, culture, enjoyment through the dance, and dances from all Latin America.

Takiri in Quechua language means “Who creates music and dance.” The purpose of the group is to showcase Latin American culture through dance. We are a Latino family where our members range from age 3 to older adults and represent various countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Perú, Ecuador, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, United States and France.

We dance rhythms from Latin America, especially from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, México, Perú and Guatemala. These include Cumbia, Bambuco, Mapalé, Plena and others. The majority of our dances have African, European and Indigenous influence, the African influence in the basic rhythm, the European influence in the wording and the dresses, and the Indigenous influence in the melody and the dance.

Takiri Folclor Latino


Performance  Folclor Latino

GRADES: K-12, Adults 

DESCRIPTION: The performance includes traditional folkloric dances from different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean with typical customs. Before every dance, we read the description of it, and after the dance we bring the opportunity to the audience to participate in the dance. We teach some movements and steps and provide some skirts and accessories for the audience to participate with the dancers.

Max Participants: N/A 

Duration: 20-30 Minutes 

Special Requirements: Clear space to be able to have performers move freely with big skirts. Technical needs include a sound system.

Single performance fee: $1,250

Workshop Latino Folkloric Dancing 

 GRADES: Pre-K-12 

DESCRIPTIONThe students will watch an in person Latin American Folkloric Dance, listen to the description and then will learn the basics of some of the customs, and basic steps and movements. Students will have the opportunity to try customs and practice the dance.

 Max Participants: 30

 Duration: 45-60 minutes

Special Requirements: Clear space for dancing. Technical needs include a sound system.

Fee per Workshop: $312.50