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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Sparks Creative Inc. was founded in 2020 by violinist Michael Sparks and flutist Lindsay Sparks. Their goal is to provide affordable access to the arts through private and group music lessons, online music theory courses, and community outreach programming. Michael and Lindsay met at Peabody Conservatory where they both earned Masters degrees in music performance. Lindsay continued on and learned a Post-graduate Performance diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati. Since moving back to North Carolina in 2012, in addition to performing in solo and chamber venues, Lindsay and Mike have performed as orchestral musicians with several area ensembles including Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle, North Carolina Symphony, Charlotte Symphony, Augusta Symphony, Carolina Philharmonic, and others. Lindsay was honored in 2015 with an Orange County Arts Council Artist Grant which led to the professional recording “Rediscovering Hugo Kauder”, and expansion of her dissertation topic. This recording accompanied her first album “One of a Kind” which was sponsored in part with a Moore County Arts Council Artist Grant in 2008. The couple have also each taught at the University of North Carolina and with the North Carolina Virtual Public School.

Their extensive experience in online education prompted the creation of the online music theory curriculum with Sparks Creative which includes “Music Theory Boot Camp”, “Introduction to Music Theory and Analysis”, and “AP Music Theory”. They continue to champion arts education in and out of school settings and offer scholarship support to any student who wishes to expand their arts education through their organization.

Sparks Creative


Workshop The Anatomy of Sound

 GRADES: 3 – 12, adults

DESCRIPTION: This class is designed to take the student (either a string player or flutist/wind player) on a journey through the creation of the best sound possible on their instrument. The focus is on understanding the basics of the overtone series, enhancing ensemble playing, and playing in tune with oneself. The concepts of tone color, intonation, sound production, musical shape, support (and breathing for winds), posture and vibrato will also be discussed. Students will have the chance to experiment with various exercises to meet these goals, and individuals will be welcomed to play for the group in a traditional masterclass format.

 Max Participants: 40

 Duration: 30-90 minutes

Special Requirements: Students should bring their own instruments. Large room with enough space for all participants to distance at least 6 feet from each other. Masks for participants, including for wind playing (i.e.: flute masks). Projector (if available, but not required) for showing exercises. Volunteer solo players can also participate in the traditional master class format if time allows and participants want to volunteer.

Fee : $125.OO per hour