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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Sayaka Tanaka – Zentangle Art

Sayaka is a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She completed training in 2018 under Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas who are founders of Zentangle method to earn a certificate. Besides working on her own pieces, Sayaka teaches Zentangle drawing in Durham, NC. ARTS-CURRICULUM INTEGRATION: (VISUAL ART) (ZENTANGLE) (HEALTHY LIVING) (LANGUAGE ARTS)

Workshop Meditative Drawing

GRADES: Kindergarten – 12

Through the Zentangle drawing method, you can relax, focus, expand your imagination, trust your creativity, increase your awareness, respond confidently to the unexpected, discover the fun and healing in creative expression. 

Max Participants: 25

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes.

Special Requirements: Access to projector, one or more projector screens, desks and chairs for students to work at, white card stock paper and black fine-tip markers for students to do their work.

Fee: $156.25 per workshop