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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Nick Courmon is a poet, spoken word artist, educator, and community organizer. In 2020, Nick received a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from the University of South Florida Muma College of Business while also enrolling at North Carolina Central University to receive his M.A. in African American History. In 2021, Nick founded NDC Poetry, L.L.C. as a way to use poetry, spoken word, creative writing, public speaking, and performance to educate, uplift, and edify others. Nick believes that using the arts to address controversial and social issues opens the door for constructive dialogue and critical thinking. Nick uses poetry and spoken word as a vehicle to educate about African American history and because of this work, Nick has had the pleasure of being featured in the Los Angeles Times, NBC’s Today, VICE News, and Narratively. Nick has also used his work to collaborate with Beats by Dre, Gushers, USA Today, and the Museum of Contemporary Art: North Miami. Additionally, the usage of poetry and spoken word has led to his recent roles as the Community Engagement Coordinator for the North Carolina Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and the spokesperson for the campaign to free Billie Allen, a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder 25 years ago, from federal death row.

ARTS-CURRICULUM INTEGRATION: (Storytelling) (Literary Arts) (Performance) (Theatre)

NDC Poetry 

Workshop  "But I Have Stage Fright"

GRADES: 6 – 12

DESCRIPTION: Nervousness and “butterflies” have gotten the best of us. In this workshop, we will work to move past any stage fright and anxiety that you may experience during any speeches or performances by employing a number of vocal, performance, and interactive exercises.

Max Participants: 20 participants

Duration:  50 minutes

Special Requirements: Access to a projector

Fees: $125.00

Performance  NDC Poetry's 'Poetographies' : The Life of Malcolm X

GRADES: 6-12, Adults

Description: In this one-man show, I will teach crowds about the life of Malcolm X by taking them on a journey using spoken word poetry as my method of performance. This performance will demonstrate the nuance, complexity, and evolution that took place in Malcolm’s life while also working to clear the various misconceptions surrounding his ideals, mission, and vision.

 Max Participants: 250 students 

Duration:  45 Minutes

Special Requirements: A performance space of at least 20×20 is required for this performance. Auditoriums are best for this performance but it can be adapted to be performed in gyms or libraries. Technical needs include microphones, an amplification system, and lighting

Fees: Single Performance fee is $437.50