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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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“I paint hope with vibrant colors and gutsy strokes.”
Carlye is a local artist, painter, social activist, and entrepreneur. Carlye is an emotive painter, infusing her unique and soulful perspective into her colorful and textural work. She interprets the natural world around her in a bold, larger-than-life manner, teeming with exuberance which hits to the heart of the human experience. Carlye graduated from Vanderbilt University and has experience teaching small children to senior citizens of all abilities in group art lessons.


Residency Crosspollinating Creativity & Curriculum

GRADES: Pre-K – 12, adults

Join Carlye as she leads students through a creative process: understanding the mood, tone contribute to a piece of art. Students will explore techniques in portrait/self-portrait, landscape, and still life; composition, sketching basics, color theory, and detail work. Residency plans are adjusted to grade level and age to be developmentally appropriate and compliment current curriculum themes. Projects can include individual paintings or individual creations adding to a larger class installation. 

Projects can be adapted to most any subject matter, from earth science and ELA standards with “visual book reports” to representations of historical movements, events, and figures through visual art. Adding creative interpretations to any curriculum helps students internalize and draw personal applications to a subject matter. Bring visual arts into your classroom today! 

Max Participants: 25

Duration: 45-60 minutes per session, 2-4 sessions per residency; minimum 2 sessions needed

Special Requirements: 1 table area at front of room for artist’s supplies. Table work space for each student to work. Clean up materials as determined by teacher and artist (disposable water cups, paper towels, craft paper to cover tables, access to sink, etc.)

Fee: $250 planning fee + $125 per class per day + materials

Workshop  My Story: Once Upon a Time, There Was Me

 GRADES: Pre-K – 12, adults

Your life is full of stories! In this workshop, adults and children can tell a story about a memorable time in their lives or of a chosen object through painting or collage. Storytelling through any means is shown to strengthen memory for adult seniors, positively expresses one’s identity, and empowers self-confidence. 

 Max Participants: 25 

 Duration: 60-90 minutes

Special Requirements: Table space in front of room for artist’s supplies, table surfaces for student artists to work, access to water if paint option is chosen.

Fee per Workshop: Varies by project; contact CAPS office for details