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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Megan Oteri is an educator with vision and purpose. Her forte is helping students find their unique voices, and unleashing the power of story within each person. She is no stranger to the classroom, having taught for 20 years a wide range of students from elementary through college. She has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Special and Elementary Education and a Masters of English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. She has presented at state and national conferences and her writing and photography have been featured in national and international publications.

Megan believes everyone has the right to play and is an advocate for playful learning. She believes strongly in the power of play in all aspects of learning and childhood education. She is a regular presenter at the US Play Coalition Conference. She is an expert in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education and a subject matter expert in creativity.


Memo Muse Photography

Residency A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

GRADES:  3-12

Program Description: Students will take digital photos and write prose descriptions of their photos. Students will then create a digital collage/display of these photos (with prose descriptions)

Max Participants: 25 per session

Duration:  60 minutes. Recommended Timeline: 5 Consecutive Days.

Special Requirements: The school must provide: digital cameras, computers, color printers, and a technology teacher to aid in needed technology logistics, classroom space, and space to display visual products (printed photos and published descriptions)


• $312.50 per session (1-Day Workshop)

• $281.25 per session (2 back-to-back sessions on same day)

• $250 per session (3 back-to-back sessions on same day)

• $750 per day (2-Day Residency, 3 classes maximum per day)

• $625 per day (3-4 Day Residency, 3 classes maximum per day)

***Residency Fees Negotiable Based On School’s Needs***


***Possible Additional Travel & Accommodation Fees Depending on Selections***