Request for Qualifications – Durham County Artists – Issue Date: September 13, 2021
Budget: $90,000 (Mosaic/Surface Art, Sculpture, and Lighting)
Deadline for Applications: October 4, 2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Project Opportunity:

The Durham Convention and Arts Complex (DCAC – Durham Convention Center, Carolina Theater, The Armory and the Durham Arts Council) seeks Ground Plane/Surface Art, Sculptural Elements, Lighting Installations for the Durham Convention Center/Carolina Theatre Plaza

The DCAC is seeking qualifications from artists or artist teams to transform the Durham Convention Center/Carolina Theatre Plaza through creative placemaking elements. This is a Request for Qualifications only. Finalists selected from RFQ will be asked to prepare and present proposals. Site plans, maps more details will be provided to assist finalists in proposal preparation.

Artists/Artist Team will be asked to design a system of art elements that visually connect the four buildings into a cohesive group so that it can be used and marketed as the Durham Convention and Arts Complex. The DCAC wants the art elements to include sculptural elements, mosaics and/or other surface art, and strategic light installations.

Total Project Budget: $90,000:
The total budget will be $90,000 for the comprehensive project.  The DCAC would like to recommend that a targeted team of multidisciplinary artists collaborate to produce the final work. A primary artist can assemble a team to bring the expertise and experience to execute all art elements in the scope of work. The DCAC envisions the artist team to address the ground plane/mosaic/surface art work, the sculptural elements and strategic lighting installations.  This budget includes all costs involved including artist fees, artist design phase, community engagement, engineering, fabrication, insurance, storage, transportation, installation, and documentation of the artwork on site, as well as any other costs incurred by the artist(s). The DCAC will ensure that appropriate electrical outlets and lines are available for lighting installation.