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120 Morris St. Downtown Durham
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Dance career began at age nine with the children’s troupe “Peru Negrito.” 1983 became professional percussionist in Ballet Perú Negro. 2003-2013 Resident artist with CTMD Center for the Traditional Music and Dance NY, performances included UN, Lincoln Center and Library of Congress, 2004-2013 Artistic director of Pachamama Peruvian Arts, 2007-2015 After school programs, Bronx NY public schools, Currently music/dance teacher at Casa Esperanza Montessori and Spanish for Fun in Raleigh and The Arts Center Carrboro. ARTS-CURRICULUM INTEGRATION: (SOCIAL STUDIES) (MUSIC) (DANCE) (CULTURAL)

Residency Afro-Peruvian Interactive Music and Dance Instruction

GRADES:  3 – 12

Learn traditional Peruvian percussion and dance in your classroom! Choose to learn dance, percussion, or a combination of both. Each dance class has rhythmic warm up exercises followed by choreographed steps of one traditional dance called Festejo. Students on the percussion track will learn traditional rhythms on drums that will leave their toes tapping all day! 

Max Participants: 30 per session

Duration:  45-60 minutes

Special Requirements: Space large enough for students to dance or sit in a large circle with drums

Fee: $187.50 per session

Performance or Workshop Afro-Peruvian Interactive Music and Dance

GRADES: 3-12

Marcos Napa demonstrations of traditional dances  and sounds of percussion instruments. Students will clap and dance along while learning historical origins of Peru’s traditional music. As a performance, this is great for large audiences. As a workshop, students have a chance to see the demonstrations in a close-up setting with the opportunity for more interaction with Marcos.

Max Participants: Large audiences for a performance; 30 students per workshop

Duration: 45-60 minutes.

Special Requirements:
Preferred at least 10 ft ×10 ft minimum space to perform with 1 table for instruments. Sound system needed for performance and microphone on a stand needed only if in auditorium. 

Fee: $937.50