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Q & A: Facility Grant Program

What is the deadline for application?


  • April 15 for activities taking place between the following July 1 and June 30
  • October 15 for activities taking place between the following January 1 and June 30

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Who may apply?

DAC Facility Grants are available to help support arts activities. Non-profit organizations, individual artists and groups of artists may apply to this program. Applicants must be over the age of 18.

What projects are eligible?

  • Facility Grants support short-term projects in all art forms.
  • For on-going operations, year-round activities and annual events apply through the Season Grant Program.
  • Facility Grants will not be given to fundraising events.
  • Facility grants cannot be used to request gallery space for exhibits in the building. You must apply for an exhibit by using the annual “Call for Artists.” Contact Susan Tierney (919–560–2719) for further information.

What can I ask for?

Durham Arts Council manages a 52,000 sq. ft. public, community arts center that contains spaces for dance, theatre and music rehearsals, meetings, workshops and performances. A Facility Grant may be used to request use of the facility with a maximum total non-profit rental value of $1,200 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). (Use Fee Chart in application to calculate value for space requested. All grants will be calculated at the non-profit rate.) Applicants will only be granted one facility grant per fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

Facility Grants are for rent only and do not include technical, maintenance or security fees incurred by the recipient. All Facility Grants require a User Fee paid by the recipient. If you are granted a Facility Grant you will be required to sign an occupant’s contract. NOTE: You cannot apply for space using a Facility Grant if you have already applied for the same event and/or space through the DAC Season Grant Program).

What are the criteria by which DAC evaluates applications?

Criteria for evaluating applications are:

  • Quality of art or arts experience
  • Project Implementation
  • Impact of Grant on the Community
  • Note: Facility Grants are dependent on scheduling restrictions and event compatibility

How do I apply for a Facility Grant?

Facility grant applications are only available online here.